The Voice

Solitude, peace

quiet, reflection

to hear a Voice

that speaks in whispers

to a heart

that is open, willing,

obedient, honest

and listens

with daring courage

to respond,

accept and

never hesitate

to obey the commands

of the Master

Quiet, my soul

Listen, my heart

Obey, my will

Have courage, my Spirit

Speak, oh God

to your Child

the Words of Life

Feb 3, 2015



A Brief Life

Blurry, furry whiteness

billowing from a sky-sea of waves

cresting foaming, frothy, brothy,

sheets floating down’a pureness, a softness,

comforter of feathery down wispy, crystal breaths

of an unknown source

transformed into

clear hexagon shapes intricate designs

each created for a brief life—

falling, falling, falling

only lasting until melting in the soft brown earth

after a journey, flying, swirling, twirling, dancing

in the wind

Feb 3, 2015